Veterans book display in library

Since Veterans’ Day falls in November, we thought it would be good to honor our veterans with a book display.  We have quite a few books about what it is like to be a soldier (or sailor, or airman/woman, or marine), both fiction and non-fiction, so please come check them out!

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a Cabinet-level agency that handles all of the services and benefits for veterans and their families.  After WWI there were three separate agencies that took care of these services, but they were combined into one, the Veterans Administration, in 1930.  The number of wars in which the US participated during the 20th century greatly increased the number of veterans who depended on government services, and these services eventually expanded to include education and health care.  The VA became an executive department in the Cabinet in 1989 and was renamed at that time.  Now the Department of Veterans Affairs includes three organizations: the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration.  (All of this information comes from the ABC-Clio database, American Government, “Department of Veterans Affairs”.)

Website about Veterans Day: US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Day

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

The Association of School Librarians has recently come out with their list of 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.  This list is not just for teachers (although teachers will find TONS of great ideas for integrating technology into their classrooms)!  Students will also find some really fun and cool online tools that you can play with on your own.  For instance, students can use Diigo to keep track of their favorite websites, or Google Reader to keep up to date on sites that change frequently, or Animoto to create a video in about five minutes.  Although many students have found Facebook, have you found Twitter yet?  It’s a micro-blogging tool that has lots of uses.  So both students and teachers should check out this site and see what kinds of great new possibilities there are for using technology!